Quick Facts About Saalugudda

Saalugudda Resort – Your Serene Nature Home


All washrooms are western and are extremely clean and hygienic. We make sure that we take care of cleanliness and maintain good standards.




We have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food on grounds. (Pre set menu)




We have 2 spots at Saalugudda where you will have full phone/net connectivity at all times.


Birds/insects you might spot:


Paradise fly-catcher, Horn bill, Parrots, Butterflies, Frogs, Monitor lizards, geckos, Flying lizards, Wild boars. Almost 80% of the 179 amphibians found here are endemic to this region.



Hot water is available(at a particular time).


Nearest hospital

Located 29 kms from the resort (First aid kit available on site)


No loud music:


We avoid playing loud music as it might disturb the animals that are endemic to this region.


Things You Might Need


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