Why Saalugudda

Saalugudda Resort – Your Serene Nature Home


Our resort is located 3,800 feet above sea level, in Sakleshpur. Our resort is surrounded by the untouched and unexplored beauty of the Western Ghats. On rare occasions you might spot a few plants, insects and animals that are endemic to this part of the world only.

We are well connected to the surrounding mountain ranges like Rottikallu, Jenukallu, Agani, Haalkola and Sishila betta, which only adds to the things we have on offer at Saalugudda.


We have 2 ponds of various sizes at our resort. All of them are fresh water ponds and provide for the most picturesque backdrop.


We want to preserve Saalugudda for as long as we can and we try very hard to take all measures to make sure no harm is made to the nature.

At Saalugudda we avoid using plastic as much as we can as it is not bio-degradable.

Also Western Ghats being one of the 8 hottest bio-diversity places, is still protected from commercialisation and modernisation and we would like to protect this pristine environment as much as we can.


We make sure all our patrons are well protected and even while doing the activities at our resort we make sure that there are pope who accompany our guests at all times. We use safety belts where needed and our guides personally accompany guests to each trek.

Hunting Trail:

These hills were once a home to the Royal tigers, ancient tales said they were also a tiger coven. These were trails that were once hunted on and you can still feel the majestic presence of the tigers that once ruled this region.


Reaching us is extremely easy, our resort is easily accessible from all these places:

  • Sakleshpur to Saalugudda – 28 KM
  • Hassan to Saalugudda – 67 KM
  • Bangalore to Saalugudda – 250 KM
  • Mangalore to Saalugudda- 151 KM
  • Mysore to Saalugudda – 183 KM
  • Madikeri to Saalugudda – 121 KM

Places To See Nearby

Bilisare at 1 km and Achanahalli at 6 km – these are two villages that are located at close range from our resort and these are easily accessible. Guests can visit these villages and see how the locals in the ghats live.

These are a few places to visit from our resort

  • Bettada Bhyraveshwara Temple
  • Maragunda
  • Manjarabad Fort
  • TREK
  • Daalduddi - 5 km
  • Saalugudda trek - 9 km
  • Small waterfall trek - 1 km

You can also visit:

  • Sakleshpur
  • Hassan
  • Shavanabelagola
  • Beluru
  • Halebidu
  • Bisle Ghat
  • Green Route Trek / Sakleshpur railway track trek
  • Chikkamagaluru